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Mersive SOL Upgrade Expands Multi Projector Management

Mersive has released a new version of the company’s SOL auto-alignment software. SOL 2.0 takes a new approach to multi-projector automatic alignment and color alignment technology, allowing it to be used with any number of projectors to create large, seamless displays.

The new color technology is based on a fault-tolerant color measurement system that automatically compensates for color changes, even as projectors degrade or exhibit significant color and intensity differences. SOL 2.0 provides geometric correction, alignment, and edge-blending for displays of almost any size or resolution. With SOL 2.0, a designer can create complex shapes such as domes and spheres.

SOL 2.0 provides support for collimated displays, dynamic eye point rendering, and full 3D stereo. It is expected to ship during the first quarter of 2010.

About the Author

Denise Harrison is a freelance writer and editor specializing in technology, specifically in audiovisual and presentation. She also works as a consultant for Second Life projects and is involved with nonprofits and education within the 3D realm. She can be reached here.

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