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Answer Suite Comes to Blackboard Learn

IntelliResponse had made its Answer Suite product accessible through Blackboard Learn.

The IntelliResponse answer system processes questions typed in plain English and delivers a best response as determined by the system. When more information is desired, the answer agent provides pull-down menus with related topics as well as options for e-mail, chat, or phone support. The answer agent technology can be deployed by subscribers through a Web site, as an information resource for customer service agents, or via mobile device.

Troy University, an online school already using the answer suite on its e-Campus Web site, will be the first to extend access to this service through courses using the Blackboard Learn platform. Blackboard is a browser-based Learning Management System which features posting of course materials and assignments, lecture and discussion delivery, test taking, and other functions relevant to online course management.

More details about IntelliResponse's Instant Answer Agent can be found here.

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Evan Tassistro is a freelance writer based in San Diego, CA.

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