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Extron Debuts Convection-Cooled Rackmount Amps

Extron's 1U amps are convection-cooled for use in low-ventillation environments.

Extron Electronics has launched four new models in its XTRA series of 1U convection-cooled amplifiers, including two- and four-channel models, as well as two models supporting 70 volt speakers.

The new rackmount two-channel and four-channel amplifiers, dubbed the XPA 2002 and XPA 2004, respectively, offer a power of 200 watts per channel with an impedance of 4 ohms (Ω) or 100 watts per channel with an impedence of 8 Ω.

The two models that support 70 volt speakers include the XPA 2002-70V, a unit offering two channels with 200 watts per channel, and the XPA 2003C-70V, an amp that comes equipped with one channel featuring 200 watts and two channels producing 200 watts per channel at 4 Ω of impedance.

All of the new amps feature a fanless convection cooling system that uses side-mounted heat sinks, allowing the units to be used in low-ventilation environments. Thermal dissipation for the units is 30 watts at idle for the XPA 2002-70V and XPA 2004, 23 watts for the XPA 2002, and 18 watts at idle for the XPA 2003C-70V. (Standby is less than 1 watt for all of the units.)

The models also offer a low inrush current, allowing the amps to be set up without power sequencing, and power factor correction, a technology that reduces high-frequency harmonics.

Other features include:

  • Ripple suppression technology for a cleaner audio waveform;
  • 27 dB gain;
  • A frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz;
  • An automatic clip limiter;
  • Auto power down; and
  • Protection circuits for DC faults and thermal overloads.

All models in the XTRA series are designed to meet Energy Star 2.0 qualifications and include a three-year parts and labor warranty. Further information is available here.

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