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Cengage Launches Supplemental Learning System with 'Engagement Tracker'

Education solutions provider Cengage has introduced CourseMate, a multi-component supplemental learning system geared toward trade and professional courses at the higher education level.

For students, CourseMate offers an interactive, online-only textbook that's designed to emulate all the functionality of a paper book, including highlighting, bookmarking, and taking notes in the margins, as well as features only a computer can provide, including advanced search, text rollover for definitions and notes, and multimedia integration. The system also offers interactive learning tools such as quizzes, flashcards, glossaries, and even games.

With the CourseMate system the company has also introduced Engagement Tracker, an online tracking and reporting tool that helps instructors determine the extent to which students are studying the material online and using the available resources, as well as track both class and individual student progress and determine which concepts are presenting particular difficulty in order to adjust class time and assignments as necessary to optimize students' grasp of the entire course.

"CourseMate is able to address the needs of today's students and instructors," explained a Cengage spokesperson, "by bringing course concepts to life with interactive learning and study and exam preparation tools that support traditional textbook learning. Students experience enhanced learning and comprehension, while instructors benefit by being able to assess engagement and involvement and respond accordingly."

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