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Oracle Updates AutoVue Collaborative Visualization Tool

Oracle this week introduced the latest version of its enterprise visualization solution, AutoVue 20.1. AutoVue enables people within an organization to share documents, such as PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and 2D and 3D CAD drawings, with anybody else in that organization, even if those people don't have the native software to open those types of files. Anybody in the organization can view, print, and annotate documents for the purpose of collaboration.

Oracle offers numerous editions of AutoVue, including AutoVue Office, 2D Professional, 3D Professional Advanced, EDA (electronic design automation) Professional, and Electro-Mechanical Professional. A table outlining which file types are supported by each edition is available here.

Oracle also offers several other products to further enhance and extend AutoVue: Mobile, Web Visualization, Document Print Services, and Integration.

AutoVue Mobile enables users to share large graphics files with offsite collaborators using a minimum of network resources.

AutoVue Web Visualization also facilitates offsite collaboration, but in real-time over the Web, so geographically diverse groups can review documents together in a teleconference.

AutoVue Document Print Services automates the document printing process and is available in three editions: Office Document, 2D Document, and 3D Document.

AutoVue Integrations is a group of integration options, including several pre-integrated solutions for Documentum, Sharepoint, ENOVIA PLM, and Oracle Universal Content Management. The AutoVue Integration software development kit (iSDK) enables custom integrations, VueBeans are Java APIs to extend and customize AutoVue, and AutoVue Web Services supports integrations within a service oriented architecture (SOA) framework.

New features of AutoVue 20.1 include:

  • Reinforced enterprise architecture;
  • Stability, reliability, and performance improvements;
  • Extended standards-based integration framework to develop differentiated solutions to connect data, visual integrations, and business applications;
  • AutoVue Hotspots that turn text into links that can trigger actions or launch pages in other applications;
  • Electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) visualization enhancements;
  • Updated AutoVue Document Print Service releases available on Linux and Windows platforms;
  • Text extraction APIs extended to Microsoft Office documents;
  • Printing enhancements;
  • New Desktop Deployment ActiveX Integration, which provides access to AutoVue 20.x functionality, such as 3D walkthrough, and enables organizations to embed the AutoVue user interface into other Windows applications;
  • Support for Windows 7 (client) and Windows 2008 R2 (server);
  • Support for virtualization;
  • Integration for Oracle Enterprise Manager; and
  • Support for new MCAD, 2D CAD, and ECAD formats.

Further information about Oracle AutoVue 20.1 can be found here.

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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