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Starfish Noel Levitz Partner To Increase Retention

Noel-Levitz and Starfish Retention Solutions will integrate Noel-Levitz's Retention Management System Plus with Starfish Connect and Starfish Early Alert.

Starfish Early Alert is a real-time student tracking and early warning system designed to help instructors, advisors, and academic staff identify at-risk students. Starfish Connect is a support networking and case management system that provides students with a personalized contact list of instructors, advisors, and counselors. Both systems are accessible through a single login in an institution's learning management system, student information system, or portal system.

Noel-Levitz's Retention Management System Plus identifies "cognitive and affective indicators of students’ success and incorporates statistical data that predicts student persistence," according to information released by the company.

As a result of the integration, students identified as being at-risk by the Noel-Levitz tools can be flagged within the Starfish system, which will then notify student support personnel. Advisors can then access student-specific data such as course activity, grades, instructor feedback, and action plans from within Starfish's student folders.

"At Paul Smith’s College, we have been working with Noel-Levitz and Starfish for a number of years as part of our overall student retention efforts," said Paul Smith’s College President John Mills. "We are excited to have the invaluable predictive data from Noel-Levitz directly accessible within the Starfish system to identify from the outset which students would benefit from increased support. We can then use the tools within the Starfish system to monitor these students’ progress and identify other students who may be faltering. Real time continual assessment throughout the term allows us to provide a continuous safety net for detecting at-risk students and quickly intervening to improve their success."

More information about Starfish Early Alert and Starfish Connect is available at More information about Noel-Levitz's Retention Management System Plus can be found at

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