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2011 Campus Technology Innovators

Technology All-Stars

This year's Campus Technology Innovators award winners have demonstrated the vision and drive to take IT investment in higher education to new heights.

Congratulations to our 2011 Campus Technology Innovators! Out of a total of 393 entries, 10 winners rose to the top in six categories: Leadership, Governance, and Policy; Teaching and Learning; Student Systems and Services; Administrative Systems; IT Infrastructure and Systems; and Education Futurists. These innovative IT leaders have tackled unique tech challenges and forged their own paths to support technology change on campus. Worthy of recognition, too, are the vendors and products that help make these vital projects a reality.

Each year we receive an impressive variety of award nominations--and 2011 was no different, encompassing everything from e-portfolios to video surveillance. Common themes also emerge: The top 10 keywords from this year's entries were learning, technology, management, student, mobile, collaboration, online, data, virtual, and computing.

Three of our winning schools are making a repeat appearance: For Purdue University (IN), Penn State University, and the Duke University School of Nursing (NC), technology innovation is clearly a priority on campus--to the benefit of faculty, staff, and students alike.


Purdue University
Project: HUBzero
Project lead: Michael McLennan, senior research scientist
Developed in house, Purdue University's HUBzero is a unique, open source platform for creating websites that connect research communities and provide instant access to simulation tools and computational resources--a veritable Swiss Army knife of web tools for research collaboration.Read more...

Penn State University
Project: ELIMedia Server
Project lead: Bryan Ollendyke, manager of instructional technology
Penn State's ELIMedia Server provides an end-to-end solution for managing digital media assets, starting with the submission of a media request and ending with a simple embed code--facilitating the integration of digital media into online courses.Read more...


Purdue University
Project: Signals
Project lead: John Campbell, associate vice president for academic technologies
Purdue's Signals is a real-time, early intervention system that provides students with timely, concrete steps to improve their coursework, targeting specific areas where their academic success may be at risk. And the university has worked to make the system available to other institutions, through a partnership with SunGard Higher Education.Read more...

New York University Stern School of Business
Project: iPad App to Improve Access and Use of Digital Course Materials
Project leads: Anand Padmanabhan, CIO; Maya Georgieva, assistant director of educational technology

NYU Stern worked closely with vendor partner XanEdu to create an iPad version of its course packs that would serve business students' unique annotation and collaboration needs.Read more...

Santa Barbara City College
Project: The Human Presence Learning Environment
Project lead: Douglas Hersh, dean of educational programs

The Human Presence Learning Environment is a sophisticated Moodle customization that engages students via multiple social components, including streaming media, voice boards, presence indicators, microblogs, and interactive class assessments.Read more...


Brigham Young University
Project: Learning Outcomes Website
Project lead: Jeffrey Keith, associate academic vice president

BYU's Learning Outcomes website is an online tool that publicly displays and correlates program- and course-level learning outcomes--putting that data at the forefront of the institutional mission, course planning, and more.Read more...


University of Toledo
Project: ACCESS Adaptive Technology Virtualization
Project lead: Angela Paprocki, division director of student success and retention and director of the Office of Accessibility

The University of Toledo's Access Adaptive Technology Virtualization project marks the first-ever effort to create a statewide virtual lab with assistive software--allowing disabled students to access the tools they need anytime, anywhere.Read more...

Photo by Gordy Pace

University of Montana
Project: Academic Planner
Project leads: Sharon O'Hare, executive director, Office for Student Success; Loey Knapp, associate CIO; Jon Adams, lead programmer

UM's web-based Academic Planner helps students map out course selections for their four-year academic experience, and confer with their advisers in a familiar web 2.0 interface.Read more...


Photo by Jay P. Morgan

Pepperdine University
Project: Integrated Information Resources Advocacy, Management, and Institutional Effectiveness
Project lead: Timothy Chester, vice provost for academic administration and CIO

A bold reorganization at Pepperdine merged the university-wide functions of planning, IT management, and institutional effectiveness and research under the CIO--creating a one-stop shop for information resource management and advocacy.Read more...


Duke University School of Nursing
Project: Immersive Virtual Poster Sessions
Project lead: Mary Barzee, iNET program coordinator

The Innovative Nursing Education Technologies team created what is perhaps the first-ever immersive 3D poster session: Participants made their presentations as avatars in a virtual meeting room, complete with laser pointers and on-screen visuals.Read more...

Meet the Judges
As part of the evaluation process for the Campus Technology Innovators award program, entries were reviewed by our Innovators Judging Committee, a group of higher ed tech leaders, many of whom are former Innovators themselves. While some committee members had projects nominated for this year's awards, they did not judge their own entries. Final winners were chosen by our team of editors.

Keith Bailey
Director, e-Learning Institute
Penn State University

Josh Baron
Senior Academic Technology Officer
Marist College (NY)

Jan Biros
Vice Provost, Budgeting, Planning, and Administration
Drexel University (PA)

Judith Boettcher
Consultant, Author, and Analyst
Designing for Learning

Gary Brown
Director, Center for Online Learning
Portland State University (OR)

Edward Chapel
Vice President for IT
Montclair State University (NJ)

Ronald Danielson
Vice Provost for Information Services and CIO
Santa Clara University (CA)

Kamran Khan
Vice Provost for Information Technology
Rice University (TX)

James Maraviglia
Assistant Vice President for Admissions, Recruitment, and Financial Aid
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Gerard McCartney
Vice President for IT and CIO, Oesterle Professor of Information Technology
Purdue University (IN)

Anna McFadden
Director, Academic Engagement and IT Governance, Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations
Western Carolina University (NC)

Darryn Ostrander
Director of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning
Darton College (GA)

Nora Reynolds
Executive Director, Division of Continual Learning
University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Jill Rulfs
Associate Professor and Director, Department of Biology and Biotechnology
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)

Chetan Sankar
Professor of Management, Director, Geospatial Research and Applications Center
Auburn University (AL)

Jennifer Spielvogel
Vice President, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
Cuyahoga Community College (OH)

Susanna Wong Herndon
Director, Technology Enhanced Learning, Center for Teaching and Learning
University of Texas, Austin

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