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Telestream Adds Timeline Enhancements Video Annotations with ScreenFlow 3.0

Telestream has released a new version of its screencasting software for the Mac, ScreenFlow 3.0. The new release offers Mac OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility and adds more tools, including freehand callouts and video annotations.

The tools are designed to help with new media creation and increase workflow efficiency by allowing users to highlight and dress up portions of their screencasts.

Among features new to this version, freehand callouts allow users to draw directly on a screen recording to add emphasis to specific regions of the screen using a paintbrush tool. Users can also create a box that blurs sensitive onscreen information or add shadow options to a callout.

Additional tools designed to help highlight certain aspects of a recording include the ability to draw circles, squares, lines, and arrows over video. Users can also adjust size, color, position, shadows, and thickness, as well as add movement and transitions.

ScreenFlow 3.0 features improved editing capabilities and the ability to group video clips.

Editing has been improved with the new release by allowing tracks to be reordered, resized, or removed, and gaps added or closed. To speed up complex projects, clips can be grouped and ungrouped for rapid handling.

Other highlights include:

  • Improved audio handling with the ability to quickly see the effects of volume changes in the timeline and remove background noise with one click;
  • Text to speech conversion;
  • A new iPad preset to help users export their projects;
  • Direct publishing to Vimeo and YouTube with 720p and 1080p support for YouTube;
  • The ability to customize and manage export presets, and a time remaining count for exports in progress;
  • Automatic saving and the ability to retrieve and restore multiple earlier versions of projects; and
  • Overlay scroll bars and full screen viewing.

ScreenFlow 3.0 is currently only available for Mac OS X with no immediate plans to make the product available for the PC. "There have been talks internally" about making ScreenFlow available for Windows, said Lynn Elliott, a marketing and communications representative for Telestream, "But there is nothing concrete at this point."

ScreenFlow 3.0 is now available for $99. The company is offering an upgrade from 2.0 for $29 and from 1.0 for $49.

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