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EchoSystem Lecture Capture Gets Moodle LMS Integration

Echo360 is embedding its lecture capture EchoSystem portal for multimedia course materials within open source learning management system Moodle 1.9 and 2.0.

EchoSystem, used at colleges and universities, includes lecture capture capabilities that combine instruction, visuals, and high-definition video of the professor that can be viewed by students any time. Moodle is a free open source learning management system.

Features of EchoSystem include:

  • Students can view lessons via computer, cell phone, or mobile device, including iPad and Android;
  • SafeCapture HD, which allows students to capture high-definition content in a single classroom or across multiple campuses;
  • EchoCapture Software, which records audio and course visuals on existing classroom computers;
  • EchoCapture Personal, which creates tutorials, learning modules, and other materials on instructor laptops;
  • External Media Ingest, which captures content using third-party cameras or screen-casting software. Content from YouTube or the user's own videos can be uploaded into the EchoPlayer.
  • Tracking of lecture capture operations and alerts by instructor, and student activity;
  • Portal branding by institution;
  • Content keyword search;
  • Viewer bookmarks;
  • Scene- and time-based navigation;
  • Posting of status to Face-book and Twitter;
  • Student feedback; and
  • Discussion threads.

The Echo 360-Moodle integration uses Trusted System Authentication, or seamless login, giving each viewer permission to access the instructor's lecture content.

Echo360 partnered with NetSpot to integrate with Moodle. NetSpot offers managed hosting for AARNet-based e-learning systems across Australia, including Moodle for more than 600,000 users from institutions such as University of Canberra and LaTrobe University.

The Echo360-Moodle integration is available for free for all Echo360 customers. EchoSystem 4.0 supports content-sharing with Blackboard Learn, iTunes U, and the legacy Angel LMS.

For more information, visit the Echo360 Web site.

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