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HP Launches All-in-One Desktop PC Lineup

HP has announced a new portfolio of all-in-one (AiO) desktop PCs for education and enterprise markets.

The HP Omni series PCs includes two new models: the 20-inch Omni 120 PC and the 21.5-inch Omni 220 PC. Key Both PCs features high-definition displays and HP LinkUp, which enables users to connect and work with files on their laptop through the Omni PC. The Omni 120 also features a 750 GB hard drive, and a choice between the latest AMD or Intel processors and graphics. Select models of the Omni 220 offer Beats Audio and second-generation Intel quad core processors and graphics.

The HP Omni 120 PCs will be available on September 21 with a starting price of $399.99. The HP Omni 220 PCs will be available on September 11 with a starting price of $799.99.

Some of the new AiOs include a touchscreen interface, called TouchSmart on HP devices, which enables the use of gestures such as pinch, rotate, arc, flick, or press and drag to interact with applications directly on the screen. New additions to the HP TouchSmart series PCs include the 20-inch TouchSmart 320, 21.5-inch TouchSmart 420, and 23-inch TouchSmart 520. Key features of the HP TouchSmart series AiO PCs include:

  • TouchSmart touchscreen interface;
  • Free-standing display that tilts up to 30 degrees;
  • Enough space between the stand and display to store a keyboard when it is not in use;
  • Magic Canvas;
  • HP LinkUp technology;
  • Integrated Beats Audio technology; and
  • Optional HP Pulse Subwoofer on the TouchSmart 520.

The HP TouchSmart 320 PCs will be available Oct. 2 with a starting price of $599.99. The HP TouchSmart 420 and 520 PCs will be available Sept. 11 with starting prices of $699.99 and $899, respectively.

Key features of the new HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 All-in-One PCs include:

  • 21.5-inch display with full high definition resolution and a wide screen;
  • LED back-lit touch display;
  • Second-generation Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors; and
  • HP TouchSmart Suite business package.

The HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 PCs will be available Sept. 21 with a starting price of $850.

Key features of the new HP Pro 3420 PCs include:

  • Integrated webcam;
  • Premium stereo speakers;
  • 20-inch display;
  • Intel Core i3 processor;
  • Up to 8 GB of memory;
  • Up to 2 TB of storage; and
  • HP ProtectTools security suite.

The HP Pro 3420 PCs will be available in October with a starting price of $599.

Further information about HP All-in-One desktop PCs is available on HP's site.

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