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AccessNow Transforms Desktop Apps into Web Portlets

Ericom has released a new addition to its AccessNow product family, Ericom AccessNow for Enterprise Portals, which provides secure, portal-based Web access to Windows applications and desktops.

IT administrators can use Ericom AccessNow for Enterprise Portals to transform Windows applications and desktops into applications called "portlets" that can run on enterprise portals such as IBM WebSphere Portal, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle WebCenter Suite, Oracle WebLogic Portal, SAP NetWeaver, and JBoss Enterprise Portal platform. Users can then access those Windows application and desktop portlets through the enterprise portal using any HTML5-enabled device, regardless of its operating system or CPU architecture. Ericom AccessNow for Enterprise Portals does not require Java, Flash, Silverlight, or any other underlying technology installed on the end-user device.

Ericom claims AccessNow for Enterprise Portals helps organizations reduce costs because IT staff don't have to manage multiple products versions for multiple clients, and enables organizations to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. "Enterprise portals provide answers to critical business needs," said Eran Heyman, Ericom's founder and CEO. "They increase employee's effectiveness, enhance the efficiency of corporate communication processes, and enable productive collaboration. Consolidating access to Windows-based IT resources from within enterprise portal portlets, such as Excel, Word, and line-of-business applications, enables users to remain connected, content, and productive, wherever they are, and via whatever device they are using."

Key features of Ericom AccessNow for Enterprise Portals include:

  • Support for client devices running any operating system, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS;
  • Ability to run as pure HTML on desktops, netbooks, laptops, thin clients, tablets, and smart phones;
  • Support for any CPU architecture, including x86 and ARM; and
  • Support for HTML5 Web access to all Windows applications and desktops, including VMware View desktops.

Further information about Ericom AccessNow for Enterprise Portals can be found on the Ericom site.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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