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North Carolina University Deploys Continuing Ed Software

North Carolina State University's continuing education and extension program has deployed software that will allow the department to bring together program offerings, branding and administration, and enrollment and registration, all on one platform.

The university's McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education, which has eight units delivering different services and programs, was previously operating with different business systems for marketing and administration, enrollment and registration, and program offerings. According to the university, the lack of a unified platform for all continuing education programs impeded business efficiency, enrollment enhancements, satisfaction of the student body, and collaboration.

Specifically, North Carolina State University has selected Destiny One, developed by Destiny Solutions. Currently, about 40 staff members are using the software. This decision will enable the continuing education department to retire many legacy systems, increase customer engagement, boost enrollment, and offer improved customer service.

Destiny One provides constituent, enrollment, and administrative management in one location. It also provides financial and operational reporting tools such as analysis of marketing campaigns and enrollments, and profitability of courses and programs. The software consolidates data across students, partners, courses, and programs.

Other features of Destiny One include:

  • Advanced search engine optimization;
  • A branded Web presence;
  • Data mining;
  • Targeted marketing campaigns;
  • A dashboard that provides monitoring of degree progression and student goals in real time; and
  • Cross-marketing of courses.

In addition, the software centralizes finance and accounting processes such as registration, invoicing and payments, and refunds and credits in a single workflow system. Destiny One also synchronizes with third-party student information, learning management, and payment processing systems.

Destiny One will be implemented in other campus departments in 2012.

North Carolina State University has 34,000 graduate and undergraduate students, and the McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education has 28,000 students enrolled in its programs.

For more information on Destiny One,visit the

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