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Smart Tech Brings 3D Capabilities to Interactive Whiteboard Software

Smart Technologies has released 3D Tools for Smart Notebook software, a new plugin that allows teachers to integrate 3D objects into their Smart Notebook software lessons.

The plugin enables instructors to import, view, and manipulate three-dimensional models and graphics in Smart Notebook without the need for additional hardware. Students can also use the tool to view detailed images and label them, from different angles, via interactive whiteboard. The sticky labels remain attached to the 3D images as they're manipulated.

"Adding 3D brings a whole new dimension to teaching with SMART Notebook software, making images come alive so my students can get the whole visual experience without having to leave the classroom," said Dorothy Johnston, sixth-grade teacher at Monte Vista Elementary School in Montclair, CA. "With 3D models, students can come to the whiteboard and label parts of the object, which can then be saved in a Smart Notebook file for later review, facilitating student-teacher collaboration."

Additional features of 3D Tools for Smart Notebook include:

  • The option to move objects along one or several axes;
  • Scene immersion, which allows users to rotate 3D images from within a scene, and adjust orientation;
  • The ability to save 3D objects after they have been labeled;
  • The disguise tool, which hides 3D images with a magic hat. Users click the hat to reveal the object.

Instructors can find 3D images in a variety of locations, including the Gallery tab, Smart Exchange Web site, or Google 3D Warehouse, which provides free content.

3D Tools for Smart Notebook is available in 56 languages. Schools will be able to buy the Microsoft Windows 7 version of the plugin February, and the Mac Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion versions in the spring. The cost is $49.

For more information or to download a 30-day free trial, visit the Smart Technologies Web site.

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