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Berklee College of Music Launches Social Music Network

Berklee College of Music and its online extension school, Berkleemusic, have launched the Berklee Music Network, an online music community open to students, alumni and faculty of the school as well as a select group of music insiders.

The online community was launched to provide a platform for musicians to collaborate on music, look for employment through a job board, and obtain equipment from music industry suppliers such as Guitar Center, SoundCloud, IZotope, and others.

To date, Berklee College of Music alumni have won more than 200 Grammy Awards, the music industry's highest recognition. The formation of an online community is designed to give aspiring musicians a chance to work together and take advantage of the skills and knowledge of established musicians and educators as they seek to pursue their own musical careers.

Managers, publishers, and industry entrepreneurs will be taking part in the online community in addition to artists.

"Berklee College of Music has an unparalleled track record in producing and educating the world's best musicians, entrepreneurs, producers, and songwriters," says Dave Kusek, CEO of Berkleemusic. "The Berklee Music Network is a destination where these top-tier musicians can continue their musical and professional growth in a supportive and collaborative environment. Our exclusive job boards and partner deals, coupled with the ability to personally interact with other Berklee-trained musicians, is a huge advantage to being part of Berklee, and it exists nowhere else online."

Access to the online community is limited to students, alumni, faculty and staff, but any student at either the school's physical campus or through the online program is eligible to join by enrolling in the school.

Launched in 1945 and today the world's largest independent college of contemporary music, Boston, MA-based Berklee College of Music boasts more than 4,200 students from more than 80 countries and an endowment of nearly $200 million. Students in the online program are even more diverse, representing more than 130 countries.

More information about the Berklee College of Music is available at For more information about the network, visit

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