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Louisiana State University Signs Agreement for 3D Analysis Software

Louisiana State University has signed an agreement with Visualization Sciences Group for licensing of Avizo's complete 3D analysis software suite.

Avizo Fire provides tools to visualize and find complex quantitative and qualitative information about material structure images, especially for food analysis, industrial tomography, material microstructure evolution, modality inspection for nano-structure, core sample analysis, and non-destructive testing and evaluation. Capabilities include importing of 2D and 3D data; volume rendering; integration with third-party applications, such as Matlab, which Louisiana State University uses; ability to analyze internal structure of complex material structures; and tools to create presentations, annotations, animations, mono/stereo movies, and automated scripts.

Other software programs included in the portfolio include:

  • Avizo Standard, which handles presentation, analysis, communication, and processing of 3D scientific data visualization;
  • Avizo Wind, which processes simulation data such as flow, thermal, and stress;
  • Avizo Earth, for presentation, interactive exploration, analysis, visualization, and comparison of geosciences data;
  • Avizo Green, which provides analysis and visualization of earth-mapped, volcanology, oceanography, and climate data. It was created in partnership with Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum, a climate computing center in Hamburg, Germany; and
  • Avizo eXtensions, which lets the user select the appropriate framework for specific needs.

"The 3D imaging class project at LSU had been seeking technology to provide an exceptional classroom and lab experience, providing the potential for deeper studies using our Matlab codes," said Les Butler, professor of chemistry and a 3D imaging class project. "Our trial program with Avizo was conducted during the 2010-2011 academic year, and LSU is excited to expand this program that has led to innovation in the classroom and offers better collaboration between professors and students."

Louisiana State University, located in Baton Rouge, has more than 25,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Its Center for Computation and Technology is a research center focusing on computational sciences that works across subject areas at the university

For more information, visit the Louisiana State University or Avizo Web sites.

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