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Splashtop Releases Whiteboard App for Android Tablets

Splashtop, a California-based software company founded in 1996, has released an application that gives functionality similar to that of an interactive whiteboard to Android-based tablet computers.

The application, Splashtop Whiteboard, allows annotations to be made on a tablet computer and displayed through an existing projector or interactive whiteboard when the tablet is connected to a school computer via a wireless network connection.

Based on the company's remote desktop application, Splashtop Remote Desktop, the whiteboard application has remote desktop capabilities that can be used to manipulate school computers and existing whiteboard software through a tablet's touch controls and built in keyboard.

In addition to remote access capabilities, the application has built-in whiteboard functionality that supports annotations over images, flash media, and lessons created in Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote software.

Features include:

  • A floating toolbar with annotation and visual controls;
  • The ability to save snapshots;
  • Multiple annotation colors;
  • Adjustable line thickness;
  • Templates for circle and square shapes;
  • A spotlight feature;
  • Support for gestures;
  • Text replacement; and
  • Highlighting capabilities.

The application supports tablets running Android 3.1 or later and is currently available at Google Play (formerly Android Market) for $9.99 for a limited time, after which the price will be $19.99.

Further information is available at

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