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Citelighter Pro To Launch In May with Questia Integration

Citelighter Pro, a premium version of Citelighter's information sharing platform, will launch in May thanks to a partnership between the company and Cengage Learning.

The new product will allow access for users to millions of published sources including newspapers, journals, magazines, and transcripts.

Highlights of Citelighter Pro include:

  • Unlimited access to sources;
  • Thousands of publications such as newspapers, magazines, journals, and transcripts;
  • Constantly updated material;
  • Searchable archives going back more than 25 years; and
  • Peer reviewed journals.

The premium version will work in conjunction with existing Citelighter tools such as the "Internet highlighter," which allows users to grab and store information in projects onto which they can add comments and automattically created citations. This is designed to help students avoid the pitfalls of accidental plagiarism while providing access to credible materials that are superior to those found through random searches and browsing through potentially biased material found on the Internet.

As facts are captured by Citelighter users, the information is aggregated and presented to the public through the platform's Knowledge Card system.

Citelighter Pro users will be able to add to their experience with materials from Cengage Learning such as its Questia product, an online library that includes books, journal and magazine articles, and newspaper stories focused on social sciences and the humanities. In addition to its non-fiction materials, Questia also offers fiction sources.

Currently, Questia offers access to works from more than 300 publishers, most of which are not available for free anywhere on the Internet. The new product will make source recommendations based on previous searches from within this premium material.

To learn more, or to try the free version of Citelighter, visit

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