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GradeMark Adds Voice Comments

Turnitin has added a new feature to GradeMark called voice comments that lets teachers provide personalized feedback to students using digital audio. The beta version can now be used in GradeMark.

The new feature is designed to save instructors time and provide a more direct and personal way to provide feedback, according to the company.

The Web-based tool also includes the ability to leave custom comments or editorial highlights via print.

Other GradeMark features include:

  • Dragging either custom or standard marks, as well as comments, onto the students' assignments;
  • Custom rubrics, which let the teacher change weights, scales, and criteria any time;
  • Student performance tracking, which includes statistics and graphs to find out where students are having trouble; and
  • Functionality to shift between reports in GradeMark, OriginalityCheck, and PeerMark.

"The Voice Comments feature in GradeMark is easy, intuitive and can save instructors grading time," said Cindy Raisor, instructor at Texas A&M University. "Voice Comments not only increase the quality of the feedback I leave on student papers but also increase the chances that the student will take the feedback to heart."

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