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CourseSmart Launches Platform for Digital Texts in UK and Europe

CourseSmart released its first e-commerce platform in the United Kingdom and Europe, which will allow students and teachers to access e-textbooks and other digital learning materials on any connected device.

Students will be able to purchase e-textbooks for use for a fixed period of time, and access them either through the CourseSmart international site, or using mobile apps. CourseSmart has free downloadable apps for both the iPhone and Android devices, as well as the iPad, Kindle Fire, and other tablets.

Features of the e-commerce platform include:

  • Both online and offline access to e-textbooks;
  • Same pagination for e-textbooks as for print editions;
  • Cut and paste text;
  • The ability to search a page, a chapter, a whole e-textbook or a whole series of e-textbooks;
  • Highlighting and note-taking capabilities;
  • The ability to search highlighted text and notes;
  • The ability to send information to other students; and
  • E-textbooks designed to be accessible to students and educators with disabilities.

The launch follows CourseSmart’s announcement back in May 2011 that the company would look to expand into the international market. CourseSmart previously released its Online Sampling Platform, available to use for free, which allows educators to preview potential course materials from CourseSmart’s e-textbook library, and select titles for use.

For more information about CourseSmart’s new UK/European e-commerce platform, visit

About the Author

Caitlin Moriarity is a freelance technology writer based in St. Louis, MO. She can be reached at [email protected].

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