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Lore Redesigns Social Learning Platform

Lore, previously called Coursekit, has redesigned its learning platform for colleges and universities that emphasizes social networking. This is the first in a number of changes that will be released over the summer.

Coursekit was launched in December 2011 by three former Three former University of Pennsylvania students. It uses a Facebook-like interface and lets students and instructors share resources. The interface gives users the option of posting a status update; a link; media (upload photos, link to video, or upload audio); files; questions; or blogs. It also lets users like or comment on posts, with the ability to search all posts, search just student posts, or search just instructor posts. Users can also search by event, theme, type, or month. In addition, Coursekit lets users chat in real-time through instant messaging.

In April, the company began rebranding itself with a new image and company name, Lore.

Features of the new version of Lore include:

  • The option for professors to make courses open to the public to audit;
  • Profiles for all students, which allows them to include background information, academic honors, career goals, photos, etc.;
  • A social network stream that integrates conversation, and calendar, though which students can see class and exam times, assignment due dates, etc. Students can also submit assignments through the calendar;
  • A class library through Smart Stacks, which automatically adds books, links, and other documents and media. Students will use drag-and-drop functionality to build collections, and cover images will be automatically chosen; and
  • A new gradebook, which has automatic grade calculations. Students' photos are shown next to their names in the gradebook.

In addition, professors can provide students with feedback on assignments in a conversation stream next to assignments in the platform.

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