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Webber International U Partners with BEST To Grow Online Programs

In an effort to expand the presence of its online programs, Webber International University and its St. Andrews University branch will hand over management of activities relating to advertising, student services, and enrollment to Barker Educational Services Team (BEST).

The agreement affects both the Babson Park, FL location, home to Webber, and the Laurinburg, NC location, which is home to St. Andrews University, formerly known as St. Andrews Presbyterian College.

Both locations are private, four-year institutions that currently have approximately 600 students each. Webber specializes in business education while St. Andrews is known for its liberal arts and sciences offerings.

The partnership will provide services similar to those provided by BEST to Iowa Central Community College Online (ICCC), though the offerings at that school are at the associate's degree level, while Webber and St. Andrew's offer degrees at the bachelor's level.

The new partnership will allow students who complete the associate's degree through the online program at ICCC to be referred to the two Webber locations for online completion of their bachelor's degree in order to complete their education, according to information provided by the company.

"We are all really excited about this new relationship," said Todd Prince, President of BEST. "Webber and St. Andrews have great programs and strong leaders who really 'get it'. We know from experience that the president of a client institution is critical to the success of a new online campus. We are honored to have been selected as the team that will help them to grow."

Program offerings include General Business Studies, Computer Information Systems, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Psychology.

Applications are currently being accepted for online programs at both Webber and St. Andrews for the Fall 2012 academic term.

"Once you admit that you're not great at everything, it empowers you to work towards becoming the best in the world at the things you do really, really well," said Keith Wade, president of Webber International University. "What Webber is really, really good at is producing business leaders. What St. Andrews is really, really good at is producing critical thinkers. What BEST is really, really good at is providing extraordinary service to on-line learners. When you combine these core competencies--superlative education and exceptional student centric service--students win big."

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