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California State University Prepares To Launch Online Program

The second-largest university system in the United States, California State University, is launching a new, fully online program called Cal State Online, which will offer a selection of undergraduate degree completion and professional master's degree programs.

Cal State Online will launch in January 2013.

CSU has selected Pearson eCollege to provide the online learning technology, services, and support for Cal State Online. Pearson eCollege has developed a cloud-based learning management system, as well as other services, for online education programs around the world. Pearson's academic training and consulting services will also provide additional support to Cal State Online instructors.

"We partnered with Pearson because they offer a robust suite of services, support, and a collection of success stories through their work with other universities, making them a perfect fit for Cal State Online," said John Welty, president of Fresno State and chair of the Cal State Online Board, in a prepared statement.

CSU created Cal State Online to address the increased demand from non-traditional students for access to higher education and chose Pearson eCollege as its partner for its "expertise, experience, and demonstrated success launching high-growth online learning programs," according to Welty.

"Increasingly, students pursuing higher education today are non-traditional students," said Matt Leavy, CEO of Pearson eCollege, in a prepared statement. "Fully online learning programs extend access to quality education for students who need more flexible learning than a traditional classroom allows."

Pearson eCollege technologies and services that Cal State Online will use include:

  • Pearson LearningStudio, a cloud-based learning management system, with advanced data analytics to monitor student performance;
  • Equella digital repository;
  • Course development and instructional design services; and
  • Lead generation, marketing, and enrollment services.

California State University is the largest four-year university system in the United States. It serves 427,000 students and employs 44,000 faculty and staff across its 23 campuses.

Further information about Cal State Online is available on the school's site.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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