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RightAnswers Revs Unified Knowledge Platform

Knowledge management and self-service solution provider RightAnswers has launched version 7 of its flagship Unified Knowledge Platform. This new version includes interface personalization, integration with existing social media outlets, social forums, interactive forums, guided search capabilities, and other new features.

RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform version 7 allows organizations to create a single knowledgebase to house all of their organizational knowledge. The platform can now support the entire enterprise, including internal departments, such as human resources, finance, and purchasing, and access to each knowledge base article can be restricted to specific users based on their administrative rights.

The platform has also added automation to the knowledge maintenance process. It monitors and evaluates what kind of information different categories of users are searching for and identifies gaps in the knowledgebase. Once it has identified those gaps, it automatically creates new articles to be completed by support staff or edits existing articles for staff to review before posting the new content to the knowledgebase.

New features in RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform 7 include:

  • Intelligent Knowledge Builder, which recommends and generates missing knowledge components;
  • New end-user experience and interface management capabilities;
  • RightAnswers Search Assist, which guides and optimizes the search process to help users find the right knowledge base article;
  • Single screen solution entry within Solution Manager;
  • Configurable roles in Solution Manager;
  • RightAnswers Collaborative Forum;
  • Step-through Diagnostic Tree solutions, which help users troubleshoot their own issues;
  • RightAnswers Support Forms;
  • Custom reporting and scheduling; and
  • Enhancements to RightAnswers Web Services.

Further information about RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform version 7 is available on the RightAnswers site.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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