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rSmart Simplifies Kuali Coeus Implementations for Research Administration and Compliance

rSmart, a provider of open source technology services for higher education, has debuted rSmart Kuali Coeus Accelerator, new software to assist with the implementation of Kuali Coeus.

Kuali Coeus is open source, community developed software for research administration and compliance. According to a prepared statement from Chris Coppola, CEO of rSmart, "More and more higher ed institutions are adopting Kuali Coeus." rSmart Kuali Coeus Accelerator is intended to make deployments of Kuali Coeus faster and easier.

"Our key focus with the rSmart Kuali Coeus Accelerator is to accelerate time to value for electronic research administration by simplifying implementation and providing fast and easy deployment in the rSmart Cloud," added Coppola.

rSmart developed rSmart Kuali Coeus Accelerator based on "several years of real-world research administration software implementation and best practices from the nation's top research institutions," according to information released by the company.

Key features of rSmart Kuali Coeus Accelerator include:

  • Simplified setup of Kuali Coeus through multiple preconfigured parameters, hierarchies, and workflows;
  • Standardization of workflows, roles, and responsibilities to create logical steps;
  • Automated collection and mapping of an institution's data to the correct places in Kuali Coeus; and
  • Deployment in the rSmart Cloud.

rSmart Kuali Coeus Accelerator will be available Oct. 15 and is being demonstrated at Kuali Days 2012, being held Oct. 14 through 16 in Austin, TX.

Further information about Kuali Coeus and rSmart Kuali Coeus Accelerator is available on the rSmart site.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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