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UK University Delivers Secure File Access to iPad Users

Faculty and staff at the University of East Anglia (UEA) can now securely access files stored on the university's file servers right from their iPads. The UK-based institution distributed 500 iPads to staff members this past spring.

UEA deployed mobilEcho from GroupLogic, located in Arlington,VA. The file management solution enables the university's iPad users to securely retrieve files or content housed on the servers, through Active Directory authentication, according to Jon Woodley, head of systems for the institution's Information Services Directorate.

"We installed our first trial on 15 iPads in under a day," explained Woodley in a statement released today by the company. "The user can start the app and go straight to their files, just as they would with a desktop or laptop joined to our Active Directory."

The new solution supports UEA's goal of eliminating paper waste, noted Iaian Reeman, the institution's ICT systems director. "Our management team moved to iPads in order to create paperless meetings," said Reeman. "When we installed mobilEcho, it enabled us to get secure file access, even in the middle of a meeting. I can pull up a document to reinforce or support an argument, which is absolutely fantastic. Previously, if someone asked a question that required finding a reference document on the server, you'd have to get back to them later. Now I can look up the answer and give it straight away."

Additional information about UEA's deployment or mobilEcho can be found online at the company's Web site.

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Kanoe Namahoe is online editor for 1105 Media's Education Group. She can be reached at [email protected].

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