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Scorant Tracks Students Learning Trends with Analytics Software Apps

Scorant has launched online course management software and mobile analytics apps designed to help colleges and universities track student progress and attendance, and make recommendations about future career and internship choices.

Scorant, which uses analytics technology and integrates with learning management systems, can be accessed online or through its iOS and Android apps. According to the company, it will release a Windows mobile app in the near future. Scorant includes Career Advisor and Academic Advisor.

Features of Academic Advisor include:

  • Presentation of current and semester-long student progress;
  • Tracking of real-time and projected GPA;
  • Graduation rate predictions;
  • A "what-if" simulator, which shows how making changes to majors could affect graduation date, finances, and GPA;
  • A class planner, which provides course load options based on the least amount of time to graduate and financial impact; and
  • An internship engine, which notifies students when they should apply for internships, and matches them with the best opportunities based on analytics results.

Features of Career Advisor include:

  • Matching students and potential employers;
  • Tools to create student profiles based on analytics data; and
  • Research, analysis, and other data regarding salary and benefits expectations.

Scorant also creates student portfolios using information gathered about "students' reading and writing behaviors, attendance, class participation, homework and exam grades, as well as community online participation in blogs and social media interaction," according to information released by the company.

An enterprise version of the software is available to colleges and universities. Individual user pricing is $19.95 for professors, $9.95 for students, $7.95 for administrators, and $4.95 for parents and guardians.

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