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Campus Grumble Launches Online Discussion Platform for Student Concerns

Campus Grumble has launched a new online platform intended to provide students with a positive forum for articulating concerns to school administrators as a way of fostering change.

According to the company, "Campus Grumble bridges the previously existing gap between the well informed recommendations of the student body and the administrative staff." Students with concerns or ideas about issues can post them on the site as a "grumble," and other students can support the grumble by "mumbling" it to others. Campus administrators and student groups can then take appropriate action to resolve the grumble.

Each school's Campus Grumble network is private to students of that school. The platform requires users to express themselves maturely and enforces its code of conduct through its in-house moderation team. Students log in to the site using their .edu email address associated with their school, but usernames are masked so students can feel more comfortable posting about controversial topics without fear of negative repercussions. Posts that contain profanity or personal attacks will be removed by the moderation team, and other users can also flag inappropriate posts for moderation.

Student leaders and school administrators can communicate with Campus Grumble through the Campus Grumble Connect online portal. The dashboard alerts administrators to student concerns, provides analytics of the main discussion topics, and enables user management. While Campus Grumble enables students to express concerns, Campus Grumble Connect enables leaders to respond to those concerns.

Wake Forest University, the alma mater of Campus Grumble's two founders, was the first school to join Campus Grumble, and according to the company, the number of participating schools is growing. Campus Grumble left its initial beta test mode and went live on January 14.

Campus Grumble is free for students of participating schools. Influential student organizations can purchase group membership at a per-semester fee.

Further information about Campus Grumble is available at

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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