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SoftChalk Cloud Goes Mobile, Expands LMS Integration

SoftChalk has added iPad and Android compatibility and greater learning management system (LMS) integration to the newest version of SoftChalk Cloud, its cross-platform learning object repository and content authoring platform.

The list learning management systems that work with the cloud-based platform now includes Blackboard, Angel, Moodle, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Jenzabar, and BrainHoney.

"This means that one content item in SoftChalk Cloud can be used simultaneously in multiple courses in multiple learning management systems," said Sue Polyson Evans, CEO of SoftChalk, in a release about the upgrade. "Content can be updated in one place without having to modify the LMS course at all. It's an extremely efficient way to manage learning content."

Other improved features in the newest update include:

  • All Flash-based activities are now available in mobile-friendly HTML/JavaScript versions that work with iPads, Android tablets, and many smart phones;
  • Browser detection technology that displays the version of the activity best suited to the browser being used by the learner. This means that learners using older Web browsers will automatically view the old Flash activities, while learners using newer browsers and mobile devices will automatically view the new mobile-friendly versions;
  • When learners access the resources, their scores are tracked by SoftChalk Cloud's ScoreCenter and their score results are passed directly into the LMS gradebook;
  • Keyboard accessibility features for most interactive activities allow keyboard-only learners to more easily navigate SoftChalk materials; and
  • New MathML functionality that allows screen reader software to "read" equations, text descriptions for audio and video resources, as well as material presented using iframes and widgets.

These and other upgraded features are available immediately and current SoftChalk Cloud subscriber accounts have been updated to include them. For a complete list of new features and upgrades, visit

Founded in 2002 by Evans, Robert Godwin-Jones and Peter Huneke, SoftChalk is a privately held company located in Richmond, VA, providing e-learning software for education and business institutions.

For more information visit

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Kevin Hudson is a freelance journalist based in Portland, Oregon. He can be reached at [email protected].

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