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PersonalWeb Adds New Features to Social Learning Platform

PersonalWeb has released a new version of its free social learning platform designed to allow individual students, groups, clubs, and organizations to upload and share information with each other in the cloud. StudyPods 2.3, available now, was developed in partnership with students at The University of Texas System.

StudyPods allows college and university students to share information in a variety of formats with peers at their own institution or with colleges around the world. It lets them create virtual study groups, or pods, and share text and multimedia content such as images, notes, homework assignments, previous tests, and presentation slides.

It also provides tools for students to search, find similar documents, and pods that would be of interest to them. In addition, StudyPods allows students to chat online and send notifications, and add calendar items, tasks, and bookmarks.

New features in StudyPods Version 2.3 include:

  • A simpler user interface with enhanced navigation;
  • Free storage space increased to 5 GBs; and
  • On-screen pop-up tips that provide quick explanations of tools and functions on the Web site.

According to a StudyPods blog post, PersonalWeb has "made StrudyPods a bit easier on the eyes, too. Before, the green was a little intense, so we scaled it back and made the design more mature and mellow, and more fitting to blend in with your college life."

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