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Gale Rolling Out New Platform To House Digital Humanities Collections

Educational publisher Gale will make all of its digital humanities collections available through one platform "over the coming years," according to a news release from the Michigan-based company. The platform, called Artemis, will be released over several years, with plans to eventually include more than 130 million pages of content.

Artemis will provide users with new search tools for all collections. They will be able to search by primary and secondary materials, as well as by subject and genre. The platform will also include term clusters, term-graphing tools, an interface redesign, and collaboration tools.

According to an example provided by Gale, a student on the hunt for information about dramatic works performed in London during the 19th Century could find:

"The research process itself is complicated for students even without having to evaluate sources to determine their relevancy for finding information appropriate for completing an assignment or writing a solid research paper," said Angela Courtney , an associate librarian at Indiana University, who was consulted on the planning for Artemis. "By offering students the ability to access a variety of information in one location, and giving them advanced tools to better explore that information, research can become less daunting and more exciting, and can hopefully lead to new ideas and discoveries."

The rollout of Armetis will take place over several years. To begin, Gale will transfer Eighteenth Century Collections Online and Nineteenth Century Collections Online into one platform. Next, Gale will make its literature resources and Literature Criticism Online searchable through another portal. Over time, the majority of the educational publisher's literature collections and digital collections will be transferred to their respective platforms, and Gale will integrate the pair into a single, searchable platform.

Cengage Learning will be attending the Association of College and Research Libraries' meeting in Indianapolis, IN, April 10-12. Representatives will be available to discuss Armetis at booth number 701.

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