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CollegeNet Releases Application Evaluation System for Tablets

CollegeNet, creator of the online platform to host scholarship competitions by the same name, has launched an application evaluation system designed for tablets. The Intelligent Connections Admit Reader application evaluation system was created for colleges and universities and is available now.

Admit is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for admissions offices at colleges and universities. It allows staff to view submitted student applications, check out comments from other reviewers, and provide their own comments and scores. It also provides tools for management of application files by group, and allows for the attachment of additional files beyond applications such as portfolios and letters of recommendation.

Other features of Admit include:

  • A single portal to view applications and comments;
  • Tools to import test scores and other data from student information systems;
  • Role-based access to specify who can view and comment on applications;
  • Filtered search; and
  • The ability to send personalized emails to applicants.

Admit Reader also features an interface specifically designed for reading and evaluating applications on tablets, and the option of customizing the personal dashboard.

Admit Reader can also be viewed on desktop computers and smartphones — the platform was designed using responsive web design, which optimizes layout based on screen size.

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