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MIT Adopts Cloud-Based Backup for Users

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has selected an enterprise endpoint backup system to back up the laptops and desktops of faculty, staff and students.

The MIT user community had been asking for a new backup solution with an easier user interface and the ability to protect larger volumes of data located beyond the university's own data center.

After evaluating its options, the university selected CrashPlan for Enterprise from Code42 through the Internet2 NET+ service. More than 250 universities are members of the Internet2 advanced technology community, and last year Internet2 added CrashPlan PROe to its portfolio of advanced network services. According to the company, MIT selected CrashPlan because of "Internet2 NET+ peer reviews, the overall user experience and competitive pricing."

With CrashPlan PROe through Internet2, faculty, staff and students at MIT will have continuous and automatic backup and restore capabilities for their laptops and desktops, and they will be able to access their backed up files from any computer or mobile device, anywhere they are connected to the Internet.

According to Internet2, the solution will also simplify management for the IT team, and the cross-platform support will let them manage all backups through a single tool. CrashPlan PROe also provides end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive data, even when users access their data through the mobile apps.

Other universities that are using CrashPlan PROe through Internet2 include Boston University, Emory University, North Carolina State University, Notre Dame University, Princeton University and Rice University.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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