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Eastern Michigan U Runs Digital Engagement Clinic

The Center for Digital Engagement (CDE) at Eastern Michigan University and Ann Arbor SPARK, a nonprofit organization that encourages and supports local businesses, collaborated to offer a digital engagement clinic over the summer.

The program matched 12 undergraduate students and recent graduate interns from the university with Ann Arbor SPARK startup incubator clients. Between June 15 and August 21, students spent 80 hours working on the startup companies' digital marketing efforts and blogged twice weekly about their activities. Before they could earn their Digital Media Certification, which was endorsed by both the CDE and Ann Arbor SPARK, the students had to pass either the Google Analytics or Google AdWords certification exam. By the end of the program the students also had to establish a Linkedin profile marketing themselves as a digital media professional.

"The CDE-SPARK Digital Media Certification provides our students and faculty a unique opportunity to take 'classroom' knowledge and apply it in a way that adds real value to organizations," said Bud Gibson, professor and director of CDE, in a prepared statement.

While the students had the opportunity to gain work experience in the area of digital media marketing, the startups could further their digital marketing efforts. The startups that participated in the digital engagement clinic are all part of the SPARK Central incubator in downtown Ann Arbor and include Warmilu, ContentOro, Arbor Insight, Industry Star, Message Blocks and Stridepost.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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