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eXplorance Debuts Data Integrity Gateway

eXplorance, a learning experience management system provider, has introduced a new tool called the Data Integrity Gateway (DIG), which is designed to help IT administrators in higher education improve data quality and take advantage of big data analytics.

Data management can be a challenge for college and university administration because enrollment and course-related data are constantly changing, and the presence of information silos can exacerbate the situation. To avoid discrepancies in data, educational institutions need automated processes for collecting, updating and synchronizing data across databases.

eXplorance created DIG to address this challenge. The DIG system automatically reminds stakeholders to enter their required updates. It also synchronizes process flows across systems and runs data validation processes on a regular basis.

"By providing an advanced collaborative data management platform, the Data Integrity Gateway presents academic institutions with a sophisticated way to ensure data quality while saving substantial amounts of time and resources," stated a news release from the company.

Key features of the Data Integrity Gateway include:

  • Centralized management;
  • Delegation of data cleanup tasks;
  • Simultaneous data cleanup projects;
  • Tools for adding, editing or deleting data fields, splitting or merging records, correcting data, removing duplicate entries and completing records;
  • Automated workflows;
  • Automated email invitations or reminders;
  • Tools for monitoring project progress;
  • Email notifications of outstanding tasks;
  • Security rules for viewing and modifying data; and
  • Role-based task assignments.

DIG works with any learning management system, student information system, enterprise resource planning platform, constituent relationship management system or portal, as well as with the company's all-in-one assessment solution, Blue, to help ensure data is accurate and analytics-ready.

Further information about the Data Integrity Gateway can be found on the eXplorance site.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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