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U Edinburgh Enhances Video in Teaching With New Platform

The University of Edinburgh in Scotland has chosen a new video platform that representatives say they believe will allow faculty and students to enhance learning, communicate more effectively and expand research activities.

The university is using Kaltura's Media Asset Management System in a pilot program now and expects to make it available throughout the 35,000-student campus beginning with the 2016-17 school year.

With Kaltura's video platform, students and staff will be able to create and distribute video across multiple platforms including VLEs, the university Web site, YouTube, iTunesU and academic blogs.

"We realized that, to deliver a 21st-century educational experience, we needed to make it as easy to work with video and audio as it is to create more established forms of content," said Anne-Marie Scott, head of the University of Edinburgh's digital learning applications and media. "The ease with which we can create, edit and share content will make it possible for all of our staff and students to benefit from the power of video."

Assignments can be recorded, edited and submitted by students on any device. Faculty members will then be able to give students video feedback on those assignments while students can share content with their peers and use commenting tools to crowdsource the feedback.

There will also be a Web-based video portal where content can be curated to showcase particularly high-quality video. With more video access to research being done at the university, teaching and learning could also be enhanced as more content can be displayed.

Additionally, the features of the new platform will allow:

  • The creation of open educational resources with built-in copyright workflows;
  • Flipped classrooms and streaming of lectures and presentations to remote locations; and
  • Archived lectures and other content that can be revisited by students.

Additionally, the video platform's built-in analytic tools will help faculty and staff track the popularity of content and the level of student engagement.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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