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Enterprise Resource Planning

Texarkana College Saves $1 Million With New ERP

Texarkana College representatives estimate they will see savings of $1 million a year since implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The new system, Jenzabar EX, now allows the college to adopt elements module by module as it needs them. A cloud-based application has embedded analytics that can be accessed by administrators anytime anywhere with an enterprise client relationship management system that is responsive in design and a mobile-first strategy intended to be student-friendly with a number of self-service aspects.

The cost savings have come primarily because of the elimination of required specialized skills with its previous ERP. The 4,600-student college was able to bring system management in-house and requires fewer resources. With fewer complications, it is easier for the college to recruit and retain top-quality technical staff. The system likewise requires less maintenance, allowing IT staff members to focus on helping faculty, staff and students.

"Converting to the Jenzabar EX ERP led to two of our biggest spending cuts over the last few years," said Texarkana College Vice President of IT Michael Dumdel. "Even with budget constraints, we are able to continue to improve our services and lower costs. Without question, the overall experience is a significant improvement and the college realized a substantial savings with an annual reduction in costs."

While Texarkana was the first college in Texas to adopt the Jenzabar EX, Paris Junior College now has also signed on.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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