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DigitalSignBuilder Debuts Packages for Higher Ed has launched a collection of new all-in-one custom digital sign directory and wayfinding packages. The company said the new information systems are designed to fit the communications and wayfinding needs of higher education institutions of any size.

Each of DigitalSignBuilder's systems is designed to add an extra level of convenience for institutions while expanding the ability for university representatives to manage day-to-day communications.

The new systems can incorporate an institution's campus management software to automatically update real-time campus news, class times or cancellations, deadlines and other campus-related notifications. It can also provide 3D "You are here" campus maps that visitors can use to quickly search a campus directory and receive turn-by-turn directions to locations on campus. can also integrate with existing campus news feeds to provide instant public notifications, weather and news reports and emergency alerts.

Once the system is installed, it is self-operational and power-efficient. Settings can be applied to the digital directories for pre-scheduled screen on/off. Every time the system turns on, the directory software automatically loads itself. All updates can be done on the fly using Google Drive or Outlook365.

The systems are designed to be all-inclusive and to effectively communicate a wide range of information in attention-grabbing ways. Each program is supported by a comprehensive online Digital Signage Sales Academy, Sales Library and Wiki Support Center.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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