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Digital Signage

E Ink Debuts Largest ePaper Display With Low Power Costs

To meet the demand for large-area displays across the digital signage market, E Ink has unveiled the largest commercially available active matrix ePaper module.

The new 42-inch display boasts quality readability and visibility in various lighting conditions and angles, providing an ultra-wide viewing angle in both portrait and landscape modes. Additionally, the display can retain text and images without a power source, providing lower energy costs, according to a prepared statement.

Other features include:

  • A 4:3 aspect ratio that is “identical to real paper,” according to a statement, which helps readers more easily digest information on the display;
  • Measures at 658.6mm (H) x 884.3mm (V) x 1.64mm (D), making it the largest ePaper display available for commercial use;
  • A resolution of 2,160 X 2,880 and 85dpi; and
  • Compatibility with QuirkLogic Quilla, a connected eWriter.

The display was unveiled at the CES 2017 conference taking place in Las Vegas, NV this week (Jan. 5-8).

Further information is available on the E Ink site.

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