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Student Success

Ivy Tech Community College Extends Blackboard Partnership to 2020

Indiana’s largest public postsecondary institution, Ivy Tech Community College, has extended its partnership with Blackboard through 2020 to continue enrollment and retention efforts.

The 170,000-student, 30-campus community college system first partnered with the company in 2012 to launch a virtual Student Success Center, a resource center that offers writing assistance, subject-specific tutoring and information resources.

“After seeing substantial improvement in the service experience for students, Ivy Tech deepened its relationship with Blackboard to include comprehensive enrollment management services,” according to information from the company. Blackboard created a “closed loop” enrollment operations strategy, or one where “students are guided seamlessly from initial expression of interest and throughout their journey to completion.” As a result, Ivy Tech saw an increased application yield of 7 percent between 2014 and 2016.

Building on that five-year partnership, Blackboard will help Ivy Tech “to further support enrollment growth, enhance the student experience and increase retention.” The company last year kicked off a student success pilot program at community college system, offering first-year and at-risk students developmental coaching focused on building self-awareness and self-management skills. The program will be expanding to a new cohort of freshmen students next year.

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