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ClearScholar Deploys Content Targeting Tech in Mobile Platform

Student engagement and safety platform ClearScholar Friday launched a new feature set for institutions that leverages student data across campus systems to deliver targeted content to individual students.

ClearScholar Align, as the solution is called, works by combining data from disparate college systems (student information systems, learning management systems, constituent relationship management platforms, etc.) to build each student a “persona.” With this information, administrators can broadly target all second-year students, for example, or narrowly target specific majors and grade point averages within that year. Additionally, Align is built to ensure personas are updated in real time as new data enters the platform from various systems.

The goal for the technology is to make data and data science more actionable, according to information from the company. “Content within the ClearScholar mobile app platform is aligned to the needs and preferences of each student, allowing [them] to have a truly personalized experienced.” Content can mean news, announcement, push notifications, polls, events, etc. and is specific to each institution’s needs and goals. So, for example, a university can push certain resources for achievement to at-risk groups using the ClearScholar mobile app. Meanwhile, ClearScholar’s dashboard give administrators and instructors more insight by displaying analytics on how students are interacting with the app.

“Many universities struggle with issues of resource utilization alongside effective student communications; both issues which can be improved by deploying this technology,” the company said about Align.

ClearScholar launched its student engagement platform at Butler University early 2017 to assist with university-student communications, career readiness, student health and other aspects of the student lifecycle. This past May, the company rolled out ClearScholar Aware, a student safety-focused platform that offered more visibility into emergency calls made through the app.

To learn more, visit the ClearScholar site.

About the Author

Sri Ravipati is Web producer for THE Journal and Campus Technology. She can be reached at [email protected].

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