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Artificial Intelligence

U Kentucky Establishes Committee to Explore and Make Recommendations on AI

The University of Kentucky (UK) has established the ADVANCE (Advancing Data utilization for Value in Academia for National and Campuswide Excellence) Committee to study AI and ChatGPT and make recommendations for their use on campus. Led by Provost Robert DiPaola, the committee includes a broad range of representatives from academic and administrative areas, according to a release.

They will review the latest information on AI and ChatGPT and provide the president with recommendations on "the responsible use and optimal use of these powerful tools to achieve and enhance the university's mission in education, research, clinical care, and service," Di Paola said. The partnership approach can help provide solutions to the role of AI in issues such as "personalized learning, adaptive assessments, automated feedback, and intelligent tutoring systems."

The ADVANCE Committee's goals include:

  • Providing guidance and recommendations on the use of AI responsibly within the university's mission;

  • Generating questions and furthering research;

  • Developing and providing training for faculty to use AI in teaching.

AI's potential in academia can promote new ways of learning, helping students advance, and helping design curricula, the release notes, but the downside could be problems with plagiarism, privacy intrusions, and learning to understand the capabilities of various platforms.

UK has established a special email address, [email protected], to address questions, ideas, and recommendations and provide feedback on the use of AI on campus.

"Artificial intelligence has the power to make our work together more efficient and even transformative," DiPaola said of the work of the committee. "At the same time, it has tremendous potential, if used wrongly or unethically, to cause great harm."

Established in 1865, the University of Kentucky is the state's flagship and land-grant institution, with over 200 academic programs, a $476.5 million research and development enterprise and world-class medical center.

View this page for more on the initiative.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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