Product Focus: The Complete Guide to Document Cameras

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When connected to a computer, projector, or TV, a document camera displays live and captured images and videos of 3D objects. Whether used for enhancing views of a science experiment, closing in on details of a map, or explaining the anatomy of a live plant, these devices can help make teaching and learning more dynamic. Most of them can be connected to microscopes so that even the tiniest of specimens can be displayed, and they also come with software tools that allow for annotation, creation of time-lapse videos, and more. Here's a rundown of some of the newest document cameras geared toward K-12 classrooms.

To find the best model for your needs, use the links to the right to browse our document camera roundup by product feature. (Note: All prices are the manufacturer's suggested retail price; the reseller price may be up to 50 percent lower. The lists are based on manufacturers' specifications; we have not done any product testing to verify manufacturers' claims.)