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April 2010

Going Off the Grid

Universities are collecting data from solar, geothermal, and wind-power pilots to learn whether alternative energy is feasible on a larger scale.

Cover Story

Green Energy

Analyzing the Alternatives

Data gathering from alternative power pilots is the first and critical step in moving campuses off the grid.

By Jennifer Grayson



Being There: The Case for Telepresence

Institutions moving from videoconferencing to telepresence are finding that the implementation can be as high-end or modest as they need.

By Dian Schaffhauser


The Web

The Online University Marketplace

E-transactions are becoming the norm for all sorts of campus activities—from ticketing football games to registration for campus ministry retreats.

By Sara Stroud

Green Technology

Managing E-Waste Responsibly

Recycling is no longer the simple answer it once was—as these universities demonstrate.

By Dian Schaffhauser


Geoff Fletcher


Mr. Fletcher Goes to Washington

Even in these crazy days, your reps really do want to hear from you.

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher