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August 2010

2010 Innovators

Congratulations to the 11 winners of this year’s awards for outstanding technology innovation in higher education.

Cover Story

Special: Annual Awards

Campus Technology Innovators Awards 2010

We scoured 448 worthy entries to find 11 shining examples of technology innovation in higher ed.

By Meg Lloyd, David Raths


Technology and the Community College

Ready ... or Not?

Community colleges pour resources into programs to bring students up to college and workforce readiness—with overall dismal rates of success. Is technology the silver bullet to remedial education? Or just another failed investment?

By Dian Schaffhauser



Velcro to the Campus

Online advising programs can provide critical academic services to distance learning students who otherwise might feel untethered from their schools.

By Susan McLester

Hardware & Software

Style, but No Stylus

Will iPads replace traditional tablets? Not without digital ink.

By John K. Waters




Beyond Lecture

Today’s technology not only captures lectures, it leaves them in the dust.

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher