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College to Workforce: Preparing Students for Career Success with Next-Gen Skills in STEM, AI and More

The mission of higher education is evolving: Institutions must ensure that students not only succeed in college, but also gain the in-demand skills they need to flourish in their careers. Published monthly, College to Workforce offers the latest news, research and thought leadership on workforce readiness and the key technologies transforming today’s students into future leaders.
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$3M Grant to Bolster MSI Cyberinfrastructure, PD Opportunities (10/19/21)

Pandemic Drives Career Shifts (09/21/21)

New Program Wants to Formalize Value of Life Experiences (08/17/21)

Pilot to Develop Career Center for Research Computing and Data Professionals (07/20/21)

New Online Course Sharing Network Aims to Boost Student Success in Community Colleges (06/15/21)

Colleges Pilot Free Online Reskilling Program (05/18/21)

Udacity Adds School of Cybersecurity (04/20/21)

6 Ways COVID-19 and Social Justice Intersect in Higher Ed (03/16/21)

Report: Alumni Networks Can Boost Student and Graduate Success (02/16/21)

MOOC Enrollment Explodes in 2020 (01/19/21)

Top 4 Barriers to College Completion (12/15/20)

Ohio Colleges Push Union Members to Finish 4-Year Degrees (11/17/20)

13 Schools Join New IBM HBCU Quantum Center Program (10/20/20)

Columbia Partners with 2U on Artificial Intelligence Program (09/15/20)

U of Illinois Giving Students Hands-on Experience with COVID-19 Public Health Data Analysis (08/18/20)

Google Adds 3 New Certificates on Coursera (07/21/20)

Georgetown Center on Ed and Workforce Launches Research Library (06/16/20)

Colleges Show Great Interest in Alternative Credentials But Weak Follow-Through (05/19/20)

Filling the Skills Gap at Western Governors University (04/21/20)

Industry Partnership Adds Certification Training to University Curriculum (03/17/20)

Report Finds Boot Camp Model Troubling (02/18/20)

How Technology Will Change What It Means to Be Human (01/21/20)