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Campus Technology Pulse: The Research that Drives IT Decision-Making in Higher Ed

Campus Technology Pulse keeps information technology leaders up-to-date on data and reports from the field, covering surveys, research and news on the topics that most impact IT and the institutional mission.
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Educause 2023 Students and Tech Report Emphasizes Choice and Accessibility (09/13/23)

Time for Class Report Finds Faculty Most Concerned About Cheating Via AI (08/09/23)

AI Viewpoints from the Field: Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning (07/12/23)

Utilizing AI to Accelerate Learning Research (06/14/23)

Survey Reveals Students' Feelings Toward Generative AI (05/10/23)

What the Past Can Teach Us About the Future of AI and Education (04/12/23)

Gartner Predicts 1 in 4 Cybersecurity Leaders Will Leave the Field by 2025 (03/08/23)

Dreamscape Learn Brings Ed Tech Adviser on as CEO for New $20 Million Venture (02/08/23)

5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2023 (01/11/23)

Meta Partners with UK Startup Bodyswaps to Bring VR Learning to 100 Colleges and Universities (12/07/22)

Driving Innovation in Higher Ed Through Data (11/09/22)

Robotics Education Lagging Behind Demand, Surveys Find (10/12/22)

Overreliance on Aggregrated Student Data Contributes to Equity Barriers (09/14/22)

4 Institutional Effectiveness Indicators to Watch (08/10/22)

Assessment Tool Uncovers Gaps in Student Wellness Services (07/13/22)

Survey: Mental Health Challenges Impact Coursework (06/08/22)

Horizon Report Deep Dive: Trends, Technologies and Practices to Watch for 2022 (05/11/22)

Average Central IT Spending for 2020-2021 Was $7.7M (04/13/22)

$55M Grant Program Offers STEM Ed Funding for Community Colleges (03/09/22)

Survey: Cheating Concerns in Online Courses Have Eased (02/09/22)

14 Predictions for Higher Education in 2022 (01/12/22)

Digital Transformation Dominates Educause Top 10 IT Issues for 2022 (11/10/21)