Presentation and Display Technologies for the Campus Enterprise


Schools say farewell to fliers, and hello to new digital signage technology from NEC

Beyond PowerPoint: Building a New Classroom Presenter

A long-standing criticism of PowerPoint is that highly stepwise, linear presentations limit the spontaneity of instruction and interfere with interactions between faculty and students. But that may be changing: Efforts like Classroom Presenter at the University of Washington illustrate how pen annotations and other dynamic features can be incorporated into presentation technology for the classroom.

Promoting Internet2 at Teaching Institutions

At Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, the use of Internet2 for instruction is a priority, supported by mini-grants that help provide the technology to faculty and students. Besides the mini-grants, Internet2 “champions” plus a special Internet2 class have guided the efforts promoting the advanced capabilities on campus.

The Internet2 Commons: Supporting Distributed Engineering Collaboration

The Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) community adopted a multipoint video conferencing approach for their collaborative work, using the Commons, a set of collaborative services provided through Internet2.

Miami-Dade Community College: Creating Employees for the 21st Century

Miami-Dade Community College students train for the future with the latest technology.

Educator's Review: Video Too Hard? Software to the Rescue

In a technology degree program, chances are that many courses will involve "hands-on" instruction using computer applications. For most, teaching a course in a computer lab offers a host of challenges that need to be addressed.

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