Security Solutions for the Campus Enterprise

Before the Disaster

Why focus on disaster recovery, when effective business continuity management could keep recovery to a minimum?

If You Build It, We Should Come, continued

Security Technology >> Hack Job

The best way to avoid security breaches might be to pay for them.

Peer-to-Peer Computing >> Meeting the P2P Challenge

Napster may be old news, but new file-sharing woes are confounding campus technologists. Help is on the way if you know where to find it.

First Steps First

Technology-Enabled Teaching >> If You Build It, We Should Come

When technology experts are involved from the get-go, "smart classroom" construction projects are dramatically improved and less costly.

Security Sleuths

For three colleges, CDW•G is much more than a security products source-it's an end-to-end solution partner.

Campus Technology News

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