Strategies for Managing the Student Lifecycle

Proof of Life

By Matt Villano

With the new customer-oriented technology, Student Lifecycle Management, one vendor is making it easier for schools to give students what they want.

Online Student Services >> At Their Service

By Matt Villano

As the demand for technology rises, colleges and universities move all sorts of student services—even laundry monitoring and snack delivery—online.

STATS: Online Student Services Come of Age

From the Syllabus2005 Executive Summit Survey: Institutions leverage online student services to foster community and value the customer.

Student Information Systems >> Winning Loyalty Through Service

By John Savarese

Institutions ebb and flow riding on a tide of loyal students and alumni. 'Student-centered' services can strengthen those relationships.

Advancement Technology: Using the Power of CRM

By Larry Goldstein

ERP has it substantial merits, but may not be the answer for your Advancement folks. It's time to think about CRM.

Admissions Technology >> Getting Personal

By Frank Tansey

eRecruiting technologies now enable schools to match their strengths to prospective students' individual expectations.

Forms Commerce Streamlines College Admissions

Campus Technology News

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