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CT Digital Edition: December, cover shot.

Campus Technology Digital Edition - December 2011


Cloud Computing >> Cloud Control

In the second of a two-part series, CT looks at how IT professionals can make the business case for cloud computing while addressing ongoing concerns about taking their institutions into the cloud. by Rama Ramaswami, David Raths, Dian Schaffhauser and Jennifer Skelly

Cover Story:

Workplace >> Women in IT

Look around any IT conference, and the disparity is obvious: Women are completely outnumbered. Why does IT remain a male-dominated field, and how can more women find success in it?

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In This Issue
  • Login / What TCO Really Means
  • CT Online
  • In Box
  • Campus & Industry
  • Index
  • Trendspotter / From Great Expectations to a New Pragmatism
  • Community Colleges / Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due. by Bridget McCrea
  • Course Evaluation / Many Happy Returns. by Jennifer Grayson
  • Mobile Computing / Boston Marathon? More Like a Sprint 20
  • Product Focus / A Prescription for Tablets by Michelle Fredette

December 2011 | Volume 25, No. 4 | 44 Pages